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Starting up an awesome mod but need help, or maybe you want to release a nice set of weapons designs. Post here!
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Development Tools

Post by NiteHawk » Tue Aug 02, 2011 8:20 pm

(Original Post by DarkSun)

Here's a list of all the things you might need for development (more will be added as remembered or created):

How-To FAQ and Guides

What is a mod?

A "mod" is a modification of a standard Stellar Frontier game/server/scenario (such as "First Contact"), with changes made to .dat, .scn, and .sec files and sometimes with new or changed graphics.

How do I use/install a mod file someone else made?

Put the .bmp files in your \bmp\256 directory/folder. Put the .dat, .scn, and .sec files in your \dat directory/folder. None of your existing files should be over-written. To remove .dat or .bmp folder files for a specific mod(s), delete all files beginning with the desired mod filenames.

Adding New Images to SF Servers (or, "How do I get .bmp's into the game?")
Anaxis' SF Modding Primer (or, "How do I get started making new .dat's for Stellar Frontier?")
Eckard's SF Modding Primer (or, "How do I get started making new .dat's for Stellar Frontier?")
Image Transparency (or, "How does Stellar Frontier's transparency system work?")
Planet Making in Stellar Frontier (or, "How do I make new planets in Stellar Frontier?")
Modding Stellar Frontier (or, "I've mastered the basics; I've read Anaxis' and Eckard's SF Modding Primers. How do I learn more and start modding like a pro?")
Making 3D Ships (or, "How do I make a 2D game look like it's 3D?")


SF Nexus Agent
A working version of the 'Spy' program included in the standard Stellar Frontier game installation. It allows you to view which servers are up and see which players are in the servers, without needing to log in to the servers yourself. It works with the Stardock Nexus (which is now offline) and

SF Score
Allows server operators to generate ranking lists from their server.log (and .server-log) files. Lots of rankings are supported.

SF Ship Design Grid
This ship design grid is suitable for printing. It gives you a grid you can plan a ship on. The outer range of numbers are the direction values, and the small series of numbers in the mid-right of the grid are the values for points on a 48-pixel ship graphic (adjust to suit other size ships).

SF Ship Rotator
This is the famed Stellar Frontier ship rotator tool. Use this to make your own custom graphics for your own custom Stellar Frontier ships! Insert an image and out comes a SF ship file. NOTE: Only works well for images up to 80x80 bitmaps in size.

Graphics and Mod Libraries

The Mod Library
The Graphics Library


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