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Post by NiteHawk » Tue Aug 02, 2011 8:27 pm

I am currently looking for some donations to help with getting new updated graphics for ships. Currently we have had a big discussion of this in the development discussion, and I have selected a graphics artist to do the work. Currently, it is about $9.2 per ship, for 27 ships, so that does tally up. I even want 'more' ships then this, such as carriers, fighters/bombers, etc. But we are just doing the 27 ships for now.

I would appreciate any donations, weither it be even a buck or two, to help out. Do not feel pressured to donate, but it would be great if people could! I am currently accepting paypal, it is the easiest way to do this.

Currently I shelled out about $250 for the 27 ships. Sure you may think it is crazy, but I do picture SF getting into '3D stages' in the future. The person creating the ships will also be giving us the 3D schematics, so we can make some nice logos, and even use them in the future, for 3D ships, and other things like that. Simply put, we will be able to do anything with these ships that we want!

If you have donated, please let me know how much you have, and your full name. Reason for this is I will be adding your name to a "Donation" list in the credits of the game, as well as posting it here. This will grant you some credits back so it's not forgotten that you have helped SF out. I would be very thankful too that my hole in my pocket is lessened! :P

There is currently a donation link at .. Just click the donation button and it will take you to paypal. If you donate more then twice, I will list that here too, etc.

The only thing I want to see is this game strive, and I'm aiming to do this when SF2 is released, when a new game engine is in, lag coding solved, and graphics are up to date. I have a huge dream for this game :)

I will not take more donations if I do get a good amount of donations. Rather, I will not benefit from the donations for my own. All of it will be going towards the ships graphics!

Kyle Gibson - $50
Kris Kwilas - $60
Jonathan Rivard - $20
Douglas Hendrix - $100
Erick Ortega - $10
Mason Gage - $10
Brent Stolle -  $50
Jesse Oshawee - $15
Richard O'Bryan - $20


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