SF 1.4.2 DL, Nexus Online, and SF 2.0 Source

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SF 1.4.2 DL, Nexus Online, and SF 2.0 Source

Post by NiteHawk » Wed Jan 20, 2016 5:40 pm

Hey guys!

1.4.2 Download

Just wanted to let you know the download for SF 1.4.2 is back: http://stellarfrontier.com/SF142SETUP.exe


Nexus Status

Nexus is back online! However, you need to make some minor adjustments to get it to work.

For the client: Launch the game, click 'Play on Internet', and then change 'nexus.stellarfrontier.net' to simply just 'stellarfrontier.com'. Then you click REFRESH on the bottom left. It should work again!

For the server: Download this file and put it in your BINWIN folder. http://stellarfrontier.com/server.conf OR you can open your server.conf file, and also change the 'nexus.stellarfrontier.net' line to 'stellarfrontier.com'.

All accounts are still alive. If you forget your password or if you want to change some details, I've moved the nexus manager here: http://stellarfrontier.com/nexus/nexusLogin.php


Source for 2.0 or game download

Please note, the nexus does not work with 2.0 right now.

The source code is in Visual Studio C++ 2010. You can google 'Visual Express C++ 2010' for a free version that will compile the game. You'll also need a client to download the source, I recommend TortoiseSVN, but any SVN client works fine.

For source files (Does not contain media):
PASS: sfsource

For compiled game and media (You will need this for the source files):
PASS: sfsource

You can view the files by inputting the url through a browser as well. If you just want to play the game, just grab the second link only with SVN. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NngkGX0D1Uc is how SF 2.0 is currently.

SF 2.0 honestly needs a network facelift to be playable. It's better in sync then 1.4.2 is, but is still has some issues. There is a new system for network in place called RAKNET, but it needs some more adjustments to play.

If you want to help out or simply want to update the coding let me know and I'll create a read/write user account so you can publish changes to the game source. Right now you can only read.

Thanks guys!

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Re: SF 1.4.2 DL, Nexus Online, and SF 2.0 Source

Post by paylituzu » Wed Jan 03, 2018 3:58 am

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