Project X

Anything to do with the design of the game from the get go, the way ships handle, the general way the gameplay is, how modding should be, etc.
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Project X

Post by NiteHawk » Wed Jul 11, 2012 10:21 am

Project X, the no name project will be a complete remake of SF.

SF 1.3/2.0 unfortunately has so much work to be done in terms of how the game works, and the design, specially online gameplay is not fit at all for current gameplay, and requires a complete remake. At that point though, it's a complete mess to do as the coding is more then 12 years old at this point, and looking at it, to get it properly off the ground, we need to redo almost all of it. At that point, since the coding is a bit of a mess, it would be best to redo this.

I'm looking at XNA 4.0 to design this game. It's highly supportive of 2D and it's super easy to design, and supports multiplayer. Lastly, you can throw the same game on Xbox360 if you have it, though that isn't important anytime soon.

Once we get some final proposals, I will add them in a list. Design should start sometime in September after my main schooling is done.

Please do NOT add anything farfetched in this area. Let's start with the basic design of the game, how modding should be, general gameplay, ships, weapons, etc.


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