Movement, Orbit/Pull, Warping

Anything to do with ship design, the way they move, functions, modules on a ship, refitting, designs, etc.
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Movement, Orbit/Pull, Warping

Post by NiteHawk » Wed Jul 11, 2012 12:06 pm

General Ship Movement
In SF, the movement was a bit clunky in terms of smaller ship use. You could virtually only go back/forth/left/right, which for the little ships, made it difficult to want to even bother with them since it was easily predicted and hard to dodge bullets unless you had enemies chasing you.

I want to bring in strafing for sure. This should give those little ships an edge that can zip around you. SF did have it, but it was rather useless and the keymapping was useless. Strafing in SF was virtually like having to move the ship in that direction, it was slow and was considered more of a general movement rather then an evasive maneuver system. (So if you were flying at 0.90s forward and you wanted to strafe right, you'd first slow down going forward and then start strafing right.) While this was more in terms of realistic, it didn't make for great combat.

Part of SF's problem was that they were trying to make it too realistic. While I like it in some terms, I think to actually make good gameplay you need to mix it in with a bit of non-realistic ideas. For example, strafing should be a quicker, short burst of thrust in either the left or right. Possibly dependent on strafing (rechargable) fuel/energy, and would stop once you have stopped using it or have run out of fuel/energy for it. It could take up a module slot (module fitting --something I'll speak about later.) so for larger ships, if you don't want it since it would be more clunky and slow, you may want extra armor or shielding instead. In any case, I want it so you can strafe and move at the same time though.

Larger ships would be based on more armor or shielding obviously, but smaller ships would rely on speed and dodging.

Speed can be based on m/s or something else. I would think it should be similar to SF where you have to actually slowdown manually since you are in space.

Orbiting & Gravitational Pull
I think orbiting is a great thing, but the whole realistic SF orbiting will probably go. It created problems with planets (If you had a game for a long time you would see planets being reset because they were slowly falling out of orbit). A simple rotational orbit would suffice in this case, I would say for both ships and planets.

I still want some sort of gravitational pull I'd say for ships which can bit a realistic or a set per planet, realistic being based on the planet statistics. Either or should work fine. Gravitational pull should be based on the ship you are flying as well, smaller ships struggling a bit more then larger ships, just that larger ships would take more to slow down too. Gravitational pulls though could affect your ship in terms of the constant speed/etc is has and pull you/lock you near it, like SF does.

I'm not sure if it will be similar in the end in terms of when you are close to the planet (Could take damage, could explode from collision, could be exactly the same as SF where you just pass through it, can talk about this in another thread though.)


I'm not sure if to keep this or not. Alot of space games actually don't USE this, they base it on normal movement in the system, and using gates or something similar to warp to systems. The warp system to be has always been exploited, and if it was to keep in game, it would need to be balanced, and you would most likely take damage in warp rather then being immune to everything. It is a tough one to say though. I think the game could do well without it though if there was another form of quick movement, like gates.


Once we figure out a base we can start some calculations here.

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