Anything to do with ship design, the way they move, functions, modules on a ship, refitting, designs, etc.
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Post by NiteHawk » Wed Jul 11, 2012 1:31 pm

This is a simple proposal for defense to start.

Shields, first layer:
1. 4 arcs, front/back/left/right 90 degrees.
2. 2 arcs, 180 degrees each.
2. Full arc, like current SF is. Recharges.
---All shields would recharge, in most cases.

Armor, second layer:
1. 4 arcs, front/back/left/right 90 degrees.
2. Full arc, against like SF has.
--Armor would typically recharge slowly if they have a special repair module for it. Otherwise repaired at a station.

Hull, final layer
Final layer. I don't think there should be much customization to this, it's the layer that starts to break apart your ship, hull breaches, and the likes. Your modules will also take damage here based on your hull damage.

The damage to modules could either be specific -- ex. Engines, from behind. (You would specify the modules hard points). Or could be like SF, which is random based, and then have weapons that can deal specific module damage.

Personally, I like the idea of one full arc for shields, then 4 arcs for armor. It gives some play in terms of how you actually have to fight, because if you lose armor on one side becuase you front rush always, maybe you should buy better 'frontal armor', or such. 4 arc shielding could work too but I don't think it should be both. I think a full arc for shields would be better since they recharge so quickly though.

For actual stats (minus the extras like how much energy it takes to upkeep, etc):

-Total HP
-Recharge rate (More based for shields, but armor/hull could have it too.)
-Time to 'reactivate' once your shields are depleted (AKA how long must you not take damage for your shields/armor/hull to start regenerating again. Typically this is between 3-5 seconds for shields in most other games.)
-Total resistances (Not sure on how many base resistances we should have, but shouldn't go super crazy with resistances.)

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