Everything about Modules

Anything to do with ship design, the way they move, functions, modules on a ship, refitting, designs, etc.
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Everything about Modules

Post by NiteHawk » Thu Jul 12, 2012 11:10 am

Compared to SF, modules make alot of the game since you can customize your ship the way you want it. I want a similar feel for this game, however, it needs to be ALOT easier. SF is a mess in terms of setup because theres no easy way to scroll or organize modules, if you die you need to resetup each time, etc. It gets to be a bit of a hassle.

When you dock up, I want a screen to pop up like the following (I threw up red numbers so I can describe each part):
ExampleScreen.png (49.14 KiB) Viewed 3922 times
1) Current Inventory/Sell Screen. Will give the name, short general stats, and the price if you sell it. Though I didn't include it, I would probably add a little icon to indicate it's equipped or just in your inventory. Any extra bonuses on the ship are shown in green. (You can see the 20%+ HP on the shield). I did forget to show the actual HP in this example, but you get the point. You can also see here the armor icon would change depending on the actual location it is in if we use 4 arcs armor. Only displays the current category.

2) Buy area. Same difference as the Inventory, except you buy it. Note the scrollbar (amazing right). What is currently selected would be displayed in the middle portion with some information, which will be talked about in 3).

3) Shows the name, the description, and the stats of currently selected items (again forgot HP).

4) The categories. This sorts modules in types. In this example we have Defense, Weapons, Ammo, and Cargo. I think something for 'show all' would be good, and we'd probably have one or two more for general ship things like propulsion and energy.

5) Buy and install, a quick way to install the item. Will unequip any item and throw it into your cargo (unless you have no room). You can also buy multiple and put it in your cargo, which might be good for general goods and such. Price will change depending on the number inputted on the bottom box. Buy and Install is always 1 .

6) Save and Load. Each ship could have up to 3 loadouts. I'm unsure about this just yet, I might just make a 'default' loadout, or maybe you keep your stuff when you die. Thing is loading would drain your money obviously as you'd buy the module items.


That would be the general equipment screen. Ship selection would simply be done with another screen as well but you would purchase your 'current' ship that way. Maybe even could have a hanger of ships you can select from.

I'll keep expanding on this and what initial modules we should have, etc soon.

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Re: Everything about Modules

Post by NiteHawk » Thu Jul 12, 2012 1:52 pm

Simple Ship Purchasing bit could be something like this
sss.png (88.97 KiB) Viewed 3920 times

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Re: Everything about Modules

Post by NiteHawk » Thu Jul 12, 2012 10:16 pm

Fitting Modules I would think should be similar similar to SF, pretty unrestrictive. Can cause some balance issues but could be more fun, and I'm sure we can properly. I would restrict the following modules to whatever was on the ship:
Shield Slots, Weapon Slots, Energy Core Slots, Propulsion Slots, Armor Slots would all be set amount of slots per ship to keep balance. Rest would be free slots, to fit anything extra, such as enhancers, brakes, countermeasures, and all the extras. That's pretty much there would be to this.

Modules Types:

-Armor (Per Side, so typically 4, maybe some larger ships could have more.)
-Energy Core
-Weapons (Ammo based, Energy based, Missiles, Impact)

-Side Thrusters (Could be the same as the AB, dunno)
-Warp drive (If we keep it)
-Enhancers (5% more shielding, 5% more armor, 5% more energy, etc)

Module Boosters:
This would overlay most modules, and work independently from enhancers. I am unsure how they would be gained, but think of many games that have the 'item' then a more rare version of it. I would think something like this works:

Broken (Maybe, failed attempt at something, don't know yet, could exclude this?) = -5%
Common = No gain.
Uncommon = 5%
Rare = 10%
Epic = 15%
Legendary = 20%

You might be thinking WoW, and you'd be right, but alot of games have this, D3 for example. I'm unsure how the item name will be, if you look at my first image, you will see a item with +20% boost marked in green. I think that's a good way to go without making it too odd. EPIC KINETIC ABSORBER SHIELDING sounds rather lame, something more of a fairy tale. More of Kinetic Absorber with 20% more efficiency would do better. So the above names are just for how hard they are to get, I'd say.

Only one booster would be allowed per equipped module, but modules can have different types of boosters. Here are a couple examples:
5% more total HP
5% faster regeneration
5% faster restore (aka when you lose shielding, the time it takes for the shields to online again.
5% less volume

5% max speed
5% max acceleration
5% less volume


With this however, using the whole extra modules, 'enhancers' modules method might be too much, but I think it will work long as the boosts aren't a insane amount, but still provide some support.

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Re: Everything about Modules

Post by NiteHawk » Sun Jul 15, 2012 9:09 pm

There is another way I was thinking, modules having a some sort of lock. I know SF had this but was not used in 1.3 so much.

There are two ways we could do this to make the base ships more interesting *NOTE>> IN MODDING THIS WOULD NOT BE REQUIRED IF YOU WANT A UNRESTRICTIVE METHOD, BUT BASED FOR THE DEFAULT GAME/MODS*

A. First Idea -- Level lock system. Games like Freelancer use this (Tons of games do, really.) There probably would be several levels, but not a massive amount in the general system. Modules slots on a ship would have a certain level. So maybe you would have two level 3 weapon slots and one level 4 weapon slot. So you'd be able to obviously fit weapons of level 3 and lower in the two slots, and the one slot can do the level 4 and under. There could be several variations of weapons in each level obviously. Same would go for any other module. Not sure this would fit us too well though.

B. Second Idea -- Type slot system. I don't mean having everything specific, but having 3-4 specific types. Eve Online and Darkspace does something like this. (Darkspace being more specific though). This is how the general idea of it would work:

Three different slot types -- Low, Medium, and High. Low slots could be connected to modules that are based on repair, armor, and shielding. Medium slots could be based on general modules such as sensor boosters, thruster/boosters, countermeasures, energy, etc. High slots could be mostly weapon based but could be some of the more better modules such as cloaking devices. Weapon slots would probably be defined using high slots, for example 4 high slots and 3 could be weapon slots, and one extra slot for a high modules.

This would not affect shield slots or armor slots, as well as anything that can only be fitted once, such as a energy core. So you WOULD always have these slots available.

Thus you can make different variations of a cruiser, For example:
Assault Cruiser
4 High Slots (4 Weapon Slots)
3 Medium Slots
2 Low Slots
For example, you would fit 4 pulse beams in the high slots. In the medium slots you could fit an afterburner and two energy boosters. The low slots could be two shield boosters to boost your shields. So more of a shield tanker with heavy lasers. (And a good amount of energy boost!)

Support Cruiser
4 High Slots (3 Weapon Slots)
3 Medium Slots
3 Low Slots
This could be, for example, 3 heavy missile launchers, 1 cloak in the high slots. Medium slots could be an Afterburner, side thrusters, and a sensor booster. The low slots could be mainly focused on armor repairers and and armor boosters. This should would be more a support role with missiles, uncloaking from a distance and firing its missiles to assist others.

Example screen for example for fitting is something like this basic stuff here, for the assault cruiser:
Example.png (59.53 KiB) Viewed 3914 times
You can see the required slots, then the low/med/high ones. Again, we would need to figure out what type of module is what, but I am sure we could also make this a modification in mod files too!


Some sort of structure would need to be prepared though. I know I discuss it but it is rather rough.

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Re: Everything about Modules

Post by NiteHawk » Mon Aug 06, 2012 4:27 pm

Zireael wrote:Like all the ideas. Especially the hangar.
Two questions: Will there be module pickup like in SF? And will the money actually be useful?

A little offtopic: Do you plan to have ranks? This way the hangar could be restricted to higher ranks/performing a mission in the persistent world...
Yes, module pickups, I am not sure how I will handle that yet, maybe like cargo.

I don't like how SF worked in terms of pickups because half the times they would override stuff you did not want. I know you could lock everything, but that was always an annoying task every time you died, refitted, etc. Needs to be easier, for sure.

Money, yeah, I'm looking into how this should work, I am unsure yet though and I am looking for ideas. Perhaps less money gained and more money for items, (To a point where it's useful, not crazy useless), or making money more useful, maybe for building type items and making planet defenses more powerful.

Resources are another thing I want to factor in, maybe. Would deal mostly with planets in that aspect I would say, but could factor into building parts for your ship, I am not really sure though, that might be too tedious. Again, need a good idea for 'resources'. Could be useful on holding specific planets that pay off better resources, for example, etc.

Ranks are a defo yes. I actually wanted a bit of character building as well. Nothing crazy, but being able to shape your ship skills depending on how you like to fly might be cool.

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