Ship Hull Types & Bonus?

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Ship Hull Types & Bonus?

Post by NiteHawk » Mon Jul 16, 2012 11:01 am

Basic Hull Types:
Freighter: Alot of room, very heavy on defense. Lacks weapons. Great for moving needed materials or people.

Corvette: Scout ship. Very fast and agile, weak hull. Great for giving a fleet a nice edge on viewing enemies from afar and giving a edge to tactical planning.

Frigate: Basic multi-role for the starting pilot. Fast and Agile. Great for cloaking hit and runs.

Destroyer: Mostly has an attack role. Has a moderate amount of speed and agility, heavier on defenses then a Frigate and tends to have a heavy amount of forward guns.

Cruiser: Mostly defense roles are used with this ship, is slower then the destroyer, but is the start of the 'heavier' starships. Has very good defense and tends to have more turrets that cover the ship from the front and side.

Battlecruiser: Similar to a battleship in terms of firepower, but lacks defense in favor of speed. (Cruiser type speed and cruiser type defense).

Battleship: Brute force ships. Heavy defense, heavy firepower.

Dreadnought: Much larger and slower then a battleship, typically is the heart of many attack and defense operations. Tons of weapons, tons of defense.

Carrier: A tad smaller then the dreadnought, but has a great role in protecting it's fleet and attacking larger vessels with its fighters. Lacks weaponry due to the space required for fighters, but has enough to hold off its own.


I would think these would be the main ships. Most of them are named based on what SF had, except the new carrier. I want to make ships shine in scenarios, so that one ship is not good for all roles. In SF alot of ships didn't shine because you either picked one of the faster ships, like a frigate or corvette, or a heavier dreadnought. Alot of the times a tiny ship could destroy a dread like nothing by spamming, and I thought this was rather lame. I do not think a corvette should be able to take down a dreadnought on its own, and I do not think a dreadnought should be table to take down a corvette so well unless the corvette was sitting and sleeping, (aka not experienced). There should be roles for each ship so that each ship has its strengths and weaknesses against other certain ships. If we go the High/Medium/Low slot (See everything about modules, my latest post.) We can also make different TYPES of carriers, cruisers, destroyers, etc for specific roles, against like a assault frigate, sensor frigate, etc.

In terms of combat, I do not think you should be able to view ALL ships on the map, I always thought this made sensors useless. I do however think that each ship should shares its sensor data, and we could give bonuses to certain ships like the corvette models. For example, a corvette could get a 200% or 250% bonus to sensor range, thus revealing more enemies on the map for others to pick up on or figure out what to do. This would mean that having a sensor type ship would be super useful if you can see them but they struggle to see you. Roles for each type! The bonus would be applied to the modules you fit on it, obviously! There could also be a very low range cloak detector, for example, but can shine more with cloaks because of the bonus, since it would be considered a sensor type.

So without the High/Medium/Low slot deal:
-Corvette: 200% Sensor Range Bonus to Modules of this type, 20% Speed/Agility Bonus to Speed Modules.
-Frigate: 10% Speed/Agility bonus. 15% to Cloak Duration and Max Cloak Time
-Destroyer: 10% More damage.
-Cruiser: 10% More shielding, 10% more armor.
Bigger ships could have fleet bonuses (DO NOT STACK)
-Dreadnought: 5% More Shielding to fleet, 3% more Damage. 50% More shielding/armor to self.

WITH the High/Medium/Low slot deal, you could make more variations in the type of ships if we go that route instead, examples:
-Attack Frigate: 10% Cloak Duration and Time. 5% More damage.
-Sensor Frigate: 10% More agility. 50% extra sensor range.
-Support Frigate: 10% More Missile Damage/Range. 25% Less lock time.

Mainly these are just ideas to give different roles. In either case, using the High/Medium/Low slot type deal (again read my modules post, about it) or without it like basic SF was, we could make some nice balances this way and role to each ship we add in the game.

I would think that different race ships could have different bonuses. Maybe Terrans favor ballistic type damage, so they would get more bonuses to that. Maybe Drengs favor heavy guns and cloaking, etc.


I did not include starbases, because I think they are too hard to balance and should be left in as a structure rather then a actual usable ship. In most cases in SF; they were so overpowered when it came to killing, but then also useless because of mines. In any case, stupid ship.

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