Planets, nebulas, stars and the like. How should we travel between systems (if any), should the game be persistent or arcade (SF) like, perhaps both?
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Post by NiteHawk » Mon Jul 16, 2012 12:32 pm

First off, the way a planet is. In SF, I intended on being able to change the weapons a colony could fire (toggable) for better defense. Overall though, planet defense is worthless in that game though.

With structures (another post) and this, we should be able to give the engineer type fun building tools. I would also assume there would be a dedicated ship for building, an Engineering type ship specific to this. Or Transport/Freighters could be assigned this role to be more useful.

The idea is that planets do not need any modules to work if you capture them, like SF, but the modules you place on a planet would be more planet specific and could grant roles. They could have weapons, maybe not. depends on how we do this all. If they were allowed weapons, I would most likely add 4, one to each side of the planet. A good idea would be to fit them with lasers for orbital bombardment, but you could also have them as anti-ship instead. All depends on you really and how the planet is.

I don't think anything but destructive type weapons like bombs should actually hurt a planet either. Thus bringing in the role of ships being specifically for bombers or needing at least one slot for it. Guns though would be needed to take down structures orbiting and other ships, obviously.

In terms of the persistent part of the game, I would also want to add resources needed to build on the planet. Different planet types could have different resources. Resources could be used to build ships, weapons, structures, etc. I wouldn't want to go crazy with the amount of different types of resources, but enough to define a few things being different. Buying items would still be a thing for everything though as well, but that would be YOUR OWN currency. Depending on the fleet that owns the planet, they could define the price for items for other players that are neutral vs fleet members. You could even have some sort of AI system that generates ships to defend the planet or makes trade-routes between planets. It's tough to say at this point though how it should be. ;)

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Re: Planets

Post by NiteHawk » Wed Aug 15, 2012 1:58 pm

I think planets should have resources and how much each planet produces.

The general idea may be 5-8 different types of resources for a 'base' start. Scripting could add more or change it around, etc. Each planet would have its own production, some planets will be good at one or two different resources, while some other planets may be more equal in terms of 3-4 different products, etc.

There could be something like..
Heavy Metals

Materials could be used for building orbital structures, planet structures, ships, items, etc. Not sure about ships or items yet, depends on how we plan stuff. Obviously for ships and items you would be able to buy them outright as well at a store, but if you keep your ship or items on death it would make it too simple. I would presume you lose items but keep the ship... Is my suggestion, similar to SF.

You could setup trade routes using your AI if a planet needs X resources to build Y, as well, I would think. AI might be limited to the planets in the region, and maybe a orbital shipyard or hanger that defines how many AI come out of there, and barracks on a planet could define experience of those AI. Unsure yet though, again, and a different topic.

Resources should be sellable as well, and minable on asteroids. Base structures should require no resources, but maybe a cost. A base structure would be a 'hub', virtually something you don't want destroyed. It would have 'base' mining values as well, but you could build mining facilities to speed up the process.


I think some base planet structures could be:
General Structures
-Hub: The main operation of your planet. If this is destroyed, your planet can be claimed. I would assume that this would have heavy defenses, so often it will be taken out last if you defend your planet properly. Center of the planet? Has a storage facility built in, and some mining output.
-Mining Site: To speed up the mining process of a planet. All sites have a small storage as well.
-Storage: A storage bay for goods, (Mining goods!). Increases the max limit you can hold on that planet.
-Factory: Builds modules (Maybe ships?). Maybe can have a timer per item to build, more factories = more building.

All defenses would start off with a 'shell'. A shell contains no weapons yet until you actually define them. Defining a shell would most likely be similar to a ship, but more limited. The shells I would presume to start with are:
-Small: Low power usage, one gun slot. Cheap.
-Medium: Moderate power usage, two gun slots.
-Large: Heavy power usage, three gun slots. Expensive.

You will be also defining priorities based on the type of items in game. For start, the types would be Ship and Missiles/Bombs. (Maybe splitting off missiles/bombs?). So you could have 'point defense' type that attack bombs first. This would mean fitting point defense lasers would be the better option here, as most guns will not hit (or not be able to hit) missiles and bombs, so giving them that priority would be useless. Each slot could be defined however, so a large gun could have one PD laser and two anti-ship guns.

I believe you should be able to define the max volume of one, so you can't fit three gigaweapons on it. The other module you should be able to fit are power cores I believe to define the maximum amount of fire it can dish out before running out of juice and needing a recharge. I would presume the charge rate would be fast, and I am unsure if it will be a giant amount and when it runs out, it will fire slower, or if it will just be some sort of base for pausing between a few gunshots.

-Sensors: Boost sensors in the general area. This is great for early warning detection and possibly some specific ones being able to have a chance every few seconds to detect a cloaked ship, and give a general idea where that ship is.
-Barracks: Used to train up AI for use in ships.

You can go in depth like some games do it and make it so each building also requires a certain amount of 'workers or people'. Barracks could train for this cause as well, or can be defined based on general population. Population can increase or decrease depending on structures like farms and colony hubs to increase the general population.

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