Guideline to Fleet Wars

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Guideline to Fleet Wars

Post by NiteHawk » Tue Aug 02, 2011 8:32 pm

Anaxis wrote:Fleet Tournament - Rules of Engagement
These rules apply to all user on every fleet and will not be limited to official tournaments or any other official fleet competition. These shall act as the guidelines for any dispute solution between either fleets or individuals.

All engagements will be referred to as duels, despite them being called wars, duels, combats, etc.

1. A list of the players to show up must be exchanged between both parties, and in tha case of a single person duel, both parties will agree the place of the duel.

2. Both parties must agree to the time of the duel, which will be the one resulting the most convenient to all, and it has to be agreed at least 48 hours prior to the time agreed to the duel.

3. All players will be forced to use non-aces ships and weapons, to avoid advantages. (I scratch this 'cause we all get lasers, rams and marauders.)

4. During any established duel no capital ships are allowed, to avoid weaponry abuse, such as rapid3's, grenade3's and other heavy weapon systems that give a firepower advantage to one party. Allowed ship are all, up to the Cruiser

5. If one or both parties perform basecamping, colony spamming or botspamming actions, they will be automatically forfeited and disqualified for using server's AI to their advantage.

6. During every duel, to make the score official, there will be a minimum of one observer, who will act as referee and will keep track of scores and will enforce the rules. The work of the referee can be made by more than one person, and every referee has to be agreed by both parties.

7. In a fleet duel, players who remain more than 1 minute idle will be considered as observers, and their kills/deaths will not be part of the general score.

8. Fleet duels can be agreed for simple fun or to solve a dispute, but never to absorb the other fleet. Separatist efforts among fleets are not the definite solution, players are free to leave a fleet if they please and form a new one. Fleet duels can be solved if both fleet leaders agree to duel each other to solve the conflict.

These rules are golden, and they are designed to help ease the constant complaints about lame duels and/or wars. These are only guidelines to improve the outcome of any duel/war. As said before, these rules apply to all duels/wars, both official and unofficial.


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