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Armor/Shield/Hull + Types?

Posted: Fri Aug 05, 2011 5:35 pm
by NiteHawk
Shields: I had posted originally that shields should be a 4 point system. Aka left, right, front, back, rather then one shield covering the whole ship. I might be able to make it configurable (aka having several points, 2 points, etc.) since its just will be based on splitting a circle up into even parts. On a 'standard' 4 point shield system, you may lose almost all of your front shields, but then rotate your ship so the left/right sides get hit first. If you don't understand, I'm sure you have played a game like or similar to Freespace 2:
freespace.jpg (14.96 KiB) Viewed 4478 times
You can see the simple 4 point design. Front/Left/Right/Back shields!

Hull: was recently added, it works well, but it is hard to test and balance until we have some stable networking. I do know it needs balancing depending on ship size though.

Armor: Armor works differently in 2.0x. In 1.4, if you set the armor value to '100', it means it would absorb 100 damage of any weapon. In 2.0x, it's percentage based, so if you set it to 15, that would mean 15% of all damage is absorbed. I felt this was a bit better overall.


I want to add 'types' to these three, what I mean is. Some shields could have stronger shields against energy weapons, and weaker against ballistic, or explosion types. Another shield could be better against ballistic and explosion, but alot less weaker to energy weapons. I didn't want to go crazy with how many types. Perhaps someone has a better idea on what types there should be.

Armor would have similar, but it can absorb a certain type, perhaps better. For example, if I have it 20% Energy Weapon, and -15% Ballistic, it would mean 20% more resistance to energy weapons, but 15% weaker to ballistic. The negative effect IS NOT NEEDED, it could simply be just a positive.

Re: Armor/Shield/Hull + Types?

Posted: Fri Aug 05, 2011 8:12 pm
by NiteHawk
casperslim wrote:i dont see the point tbh, unless there is some way and some point of targeting specific armour areas
I'm not sure what you mean, why would armor need specific points? Maybe you got confused?

I mean, lets say armor has three types of absorption:

Ballistic, Energy, Explosive.

I have armor that has 50% Energy absorption. You fire a ballistic weapon on me, the armor wouldn't stop anything because of the armor type. You fire a energy weapon on me, the damage is reduced in half (50%). Types of armor.

Armor wouldn't be targetted like in a game where you target the sensors/etc. Types just bring negatives and positives for weapons