System/Damage area/Changing the bars?

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System/Damage area/Changing the bars?

Post by NiteHawk » Fri Aug 05, 2011 6:17 pm

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I managed to tweak the hull settings so it looks like this

[img width=297 height=34][/img]

But I question myself on why all the bars aren't like this. Mainly because the 'total power' will never go above the damage.

So if your power/weapons/etc have 70% hull points left, your power bar only will go up to 70%. That's how it has always been. We can technically put them together like the above bar, blue bar being the damage, and green bar being the power or the main function of the bar.

This means we could make the bars a tad bigger, and make the 'names' of the modules longer so there not cut off due to the small interface area. Means can have a extra few characters before module name 'cutoff'... Ignore the damage/power thing, need to place it better, was just a mspaint working.

[img width=297 height=34][/img]


Basicily, damage bar blue, power green, for the 'MOST' case.

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