Weapon Specific Slots

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Weapon Specific Slots

Post by NiteHawk » Sun Aug 07, 2011 3:13 pm

Since we are probably changing the way weapons work in general, (aka types, like ballistic/energy), I wanted to ask something about weapons.

Right now, you can equip ANY WEAPON in any weapon slot. While this is great for custom setups, somethings I might feel that having 8 slots of 'new age' missiles would be overkill if they are for example, orbiting. (though I have plans to change orbiting a bit).

I was thinking, we could have weapon specific type slots, (Much like alot of games do now in days for balancing purposes). The slots I had in mind are:

Energy Slot - Can include laser beams, and energy weapons.
Ballistic Slot - Ammo type weapons simply put.
Mixed Slot - Any type of energy or ballistic weapon can go here.
Special Slot - Missiles, mines, bombs, etc go here. Typically we'll have 1-2 slots of these, maybe more?
All Slot - Like the current game has, anything fits here.

Though ALL SLOT is = to current so you can still keep your mods using all weapons, the 'default' game would use this method of shaping ships.

I wasn't sure however if Beams should be a different slot though, ;)

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