Navigational/Movement Ideas

Want to pitch an idea of the latest gadget that should be added to ships? Maybe you have an issue with ship balancing? This is where to post!
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Re: Navigational/Movement Ideas

Post by NiteHawk » Tue Aug 09, 2011 11:55 am

I kind of agree with qdrive. You shouldn't be able to turn/rotate/etc in q-drive, it makes it rather cheapy used I think. That's just my say though :)

Fully agree with joysticks though, that would be a nice addon. I was going to make it so you can map all keys though and bind them the way you want :) Using joy/keyboard/mouse/etc.

I wouldn't mind the fact of being able to target people in Q-Drive, since that would help out a bit, togglable of course. Qdrive though shouldn't replace cloak, and shouldn't be used like one really. It becomes a nightmare/boring if people are firing and qdriving away, which tons of people would do.

Well AFK mode, aka F12, is different. Though it seems similar because it uses current functions, it ends on a different route, reason why you don't get affected by gravity/etc in AFK mode. I like the idea of an observer mode though. I'm fine with it being used 'whenever' long as the player let say, is on a starbase, aka changing ships but also can enter observer mode :)

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