Stellar Frontier 2.0 - Alpha (SVN Repository Information)

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Stellar Frontier 2.0 - Alpha (SVN Repository Information)

Post by NiteHawk » Tue Aug 02, 2011 8:26 pm

NOTE: You will need the latest DirectX SDK from Microsoft! ... laylang=en .. You will need the latest DirectX 9 runtime files, despite having DX10/DX11 until I support DX10+ for Vista/Win7.

Brent and I wanted to release SF 2.0 with both DIRECTX and NETWORK coding changes to gather up crashes and fix any new issues that may have come up from all the new coding we have added. We need people to test and beat on the game and if it crashes, send in the zip file it creates so we can fix it!

We are using SVN to keep track of files. SVN is a revision control system that allows us to update files on the go, and all you simply have to do is RIGHT click and click update after everything is setup for the first time. Think of it as patching files very easily without having to do much or download files off a webpage.

1. I prefer TortoiseSVN if you are new to SVN. You can get SVN here: .. Download it and install!
2. Once TortoiseSVN is installed, create a fresh folder where you want SF2.0 to be installed. For example C:\SF20\
3. Right click the new folder you have created, select SVN CHECKOUT, which should now be there after you installed SVN.
4. For URL of the repository, input: svn:// ... Click OK. Watch as it downloads all the files!
5. Once complete, you simply run Stellar Frontier from the binwin folder.. 'Frontier.exe'.
6. To get our coding updates, RIGHT click the MAIN folder where you created the SF2.0 folder, and select SVN Update this time. You only need to do this when we state there is a new SVN update to download. It is very easy to handle!


So once again svn:// is the main SVN folder to get SF 2.0 alpha (no branches for this for now.) You do not need a password to get these file, anon access works fine.

Please read the next post for details on what has been added so far. I Hope everyone enjoys this! Brent and I have been working very hard on this!

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