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Re: Engines can't handle X

Posted: Sun May 13, 2012 1:07 pm
by NiteHawk
Engines have a mass limit, each module has a mass. (In the config files you'll see the engines having a pretty high value.)

Qdrive also has a mass limit which is why theres a heavier 'qdrive' version I made, slower overall, but works with larger ships like a dreadnought, since often I found alot of the times they couldn't warp which is silly.

I do agree though, there does need to be a better way of handling this. It should be able to handle most things but function poorly if you equip something with alot of mass.

At the moment the engine4/5 don't seem to lose alot of rotation even with heavy stuff on. And it needs to be more degrading. I think right now it degrades either to be often 'super slow rotation' or änormal speedä.